Using your e-cig for the first time

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Using your e-cig for the first time

Step 1
Remove the mouthpiece from the atomiser. (It should just slide off if you pull on it)
Then unscrew the atomiser from the battery.
Then charge each battery for at least 4 hours, if the light goes green on the charger before 4 hours are up, do not remove the battery, let it charge for the full 4 hours.
Now that your have charged the battery its time to move on to the next step.

Step 2

Take a cartridge from its box, and then remove its white plastic cover. Place the cartridge in mouthpiece with the open end facing the atomiser.

If you take a look inside the cartridge, you will see a wet piece of polyester wool, which is where the nicotine solution is stored. (Polyester wool is used in fish tank filters, so if you need more you can buy some at a pet shop).

Now screw the atomiser back onto the battery, and make sure you screw it all the way but do not use excessive force. Take care not to damage the threads (If you feel much resistance as you begin to screw the atomiser on then unscrew and start again)

Now push the cartridge back onto the atomiser and give the wick [the protruding part from the atomiser] a few minutes to absorb some of the nicotine solution before you use it, this is important.

Now feel free to use the electronic cigarette.

Caution: The 1st few drags do not always taste great as there is a primer fluid in the atomiser to keep it moist, do not worry it is safe and the taste will improve.


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