Types of Ecigarette

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Types of Ecigarette

When first looking for an ecigarette the choices can seem bewildering but we'll explain the main differences below.

Ecigarettes vary in size from units which are around the same size as an actually cigarette to larger units with bigger batteries and the capacity to hold more eliquid.
The bigger the battery the longer it will last between charges.

Another important difference is in the Atomisers.

Cartridge and Atomiser types

Atomisers and Clearomisers are used to turn the eliquid into vapour.

Cartridges with filler material

The first ecigarettes had the atomiser and cartridges as separate pieces. The cartridge has polyester wool which holds the eliquid in suspension and slowly releases through a wicking effect to the atomiser which then vapourises it.

Cartridge Atomiser

These ecigarettes use the cartridge with filler method.

DSE901 DSE510 eGo (Riva)
While this method got the ecig revolution started and is still effective the drawbacks can be that if vaping heavily the cartridge can struggle to keep up with the atomiser and vapour production drops even though the cartridge still contains liquid (just at the wrong end). Also to refill a cartridge fully requires removing the polyester wool filler. While easy this can be fiddly , especially if out and about. (it is possible to just top up the cartridge with a few drops).
Another option with this type of atomiser is to use drip tip instead of a cartridge. In this case the eliquid is dripped though the drip tip , a couple of drips at a time.

Tank Cartridges

The next big development in ecigarettes was the tank cartridge. This method still uses an atomiser and a cartridge but instead of the eliquid being suspended in filler it is held in the cartidge by a soft rubber cap. This cap is pierced by the atomiser and allows a much greater flow of eliquid to the atomiser. An added advantage is that you can see exactly how much eliquid is left in the cartridge as it is translucent.

Tank Cartridge Tank Atomiser

These ecigarettes use Tank cartridges.

eGo-T eGo-C


Clearomisers combine the Atomiser and the cartridge into one piece. They are filled by removing the mouthpiece add adding the eliquid from the top. The clearomiser has a metal tube which runs though the centre of the clearomiser to the mouthpiece. The metal tube contains the atomiser and wicks extend into the eliquid in the outer chamber.


These ecigarettes use clearomisers.

ego-T (CE4)
Other clearomisers available separately on the site are

Part compatibility (Thread type)

When discussing thread type we mean the connection between the battery and the atomiser / clearomiser

The DSE901 (which is one of the original models of ecigarettes available) uses its own thread type and is only compatible with parts which state '901'.

All the other models and parts on this site use a 510 type thread. This mean that in general the parts from all the kits, except the 901, are interchangeable.

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