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Taking care of your ecig

e-cigs are simple to use and if taken care off should last well, saving you lot off money over normal cigarettes.

The follow can help prolong the life of your e-cig.


  • Don't keep your ecig in a pocket with loose change, keys etc. If possible keep it in a case for added protection.
  • Try to have spare batteries and atomisers and rotate their use.
  • If using bottle of e-liquid to refill your cartridges don't over fill the cartridge. One sign you may have over filled is if  excess e-liquid gets in your mouth. This excess e-liquid may also get in the battery and shorten its life or cause complete failure. A guide to refilling cartridges is here.
  • If you believe liquid may have entered the battery then stand it upright on some tissue, thread end down and leave overnight
  • You should give the contacts on the atomiser and the battery a wipe with a dry cloth now and then as if there has been any leakage of liquid a film can develop which will reduce performance. The threads joining the atomiser and battery are also an electrical contact and should be cleaned if needed.
  • Do not add you own flavours to Nicotine liquid unless you are very sure what you are doing. Any oil based flavours or those containing sugar will damage the atomiser.


atomisers must be considered as consumable items and will need replacing at some point depending on usage.

  • Occasionally drain your atomisers by simply standing it upright on some tissue paper on the wick (the part which touches the cartridge in normal use). While not imperative many users have found this can extend life of their atomiser. You must allow a minute or two, after reassembly of the ecig, for the nicotine liquid to seep back into atomiser from the cartridge before use
  • If it it still hard to draw through the atomiser after draining, a can of compressed air (available in most computer and photographic shops) may be used to clear the atomiser. Use from the threaded end.
  • If you can easily draw air through the ecig, and vapour is produced but in lessening amounts then, if you are sure your cartrige is not empty, your atomiser most probably has a build up of carbon on its heating coil. This will happen to all atomisers over time but how long this takes is very dependent on the frequency of use and length / force of draw. Your atomiser needs replacing. There are methods which may be used to revitalise a 'worn' atomiser but they are by no means guaranteed and should be used as a last resort. Have a look here.

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