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DCT 3ml Smoked Grey

DCT 3ml Smoked Grey
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Product Available Date: 2009-04-09
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The 3ml Low Resistance DCT is an e-cigarette tank that increases the capacity of a Dual Coil Cartomiser!

Vape longer without dripping or refilling frequently!
Uses medical grade plastic and rubber.
- The tanks tube is made of medical grade polypropylene which is more eliquid tolerant than acrylic or polycarbonate tubes used by some other tanks.
- The top and bottom caps rubber o-rings are entirely made of medical grade rubber that snuggly fits the cartomiser preventing it from sliding and spilling your e-juice.
Safer and less delicate to handle than glass/pyrex tanks. Also does not crack unlike acrylic or glass/pyrex tank tubes.
Resistance 1.5-1.7 Ohms
The cartomiser has larger holes (two) than most DCT's which removes the need to prime the DCT. It primes itself in a short amount of time , or a gentle shake will speed up the process.

To Fill the DCT

To Fill the DCT you
(1) remove the mouthpiece and then
(2) pull the cartomiser down at the base until the holes in the cartomiser are fully exposed, it is sometimes easier if the DCT it attached to a battery first.
(3) With the DCT at a slight angle fill the DCT with eliquid. Stop when you reach the level of the central tube. (While easier with a needle bottle or syringe it is still possible with a standard eliquid dropper bottle).
(4) Push the central tube back through the top of the DCT.If filling for the first time You will see air bubbles start to come out of the holes in the central tube, as the DCT primes itself, and the level of the eliquid in the DCT will drop. You can now repeat step 3 if you want to a full 3ml in the DCT.
(5) Replace the mouth piece.
(6) Done !


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