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eGo-T (CE4) ecigarette - Matt Black

Two manual 650 mAh batteries, Two CE4 Tank Atomisers, and a 20ml bottle of eliquid.
Rating: 5/5
Product Available Date: 2014-06-09
In Stock: 2


The eGo-T - Next Generation Vaping

CE4 Tank Atomisers are the latest development in the ecigarette world. The CE4 Tank atomiser is filled by unscrewing the mouthpiece and filling through the top and dripping eliquid directly into the chamber , taking care not to drip into the central pipe.
You should not fill past the 1.6 scale mark.. The wicks of the CE4 Clearomiser are suspended in the eliquid which gives a more efficient supply of the eliquid to the atomiser than was the case with non-tank designs. Each CE4 Clearomiser holds 1.6 ml of eliquid.

The batteries are manual, push button, batteries. This means you directly control the atomiser with the button rather than the atomiser starting automatically when you draw. This allows for a slight 'pre-heat' of the atomiser before you begin to draw which gives better vapour production. The batteries are also fully sealed which stops eliquid finding its way into the battery and causing damage.

The LED (blue), which indicates when the eGo-T is in use lights up the button rather than the battery end.

Coming with an included 20ml bottle of eliquid and one spare 650mAh battery plus one spare CE4 Tank Atomiser this a excellent kit for both seasoned vapers and new starters.

In addition to this we have even more powerful 1100mAH eGo-T batteries, available here as a optional accessory. These provide an 'All Day' battery to all but the heaviest vapers.

This kit Contains

  • 2 x Manual batteries 650mAh - Black with a Blue LED (Button)
  • 2 x CE4 Tank Atomisers
  • 1 x USB Charger Unit
  • 1 x UK Wall Socket(AC) USB Adaptor (Euro and USA USB Adaptors available on request)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 20ml bottle of Tobacco High eliquid (other flavours on request)
  • 1 x Empty 20 needle bottle

This is all you need to start enjoying pollution free tar free smoking.

Specifications : eGo-T E-cigarette

  • Length : 127mm
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Weight for single cigarette : 38g
  • Normal working voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Life of battery : 300 charges
  • Capacity of CE4 Clearomiser: 1.6 ml


Saturday, 25 May 2013
The e-Go T is an upgrade from my previous e-cigarette which required constant recharging. I received it the next day from this excellent company and was delighted. The box is very smart and the inner drawer with several compartments contained two atomizers, two batteries (many only have one) a bottle for pouring the e- liquid, 20ml bottle of e -liquid, USB charger and packaged separately, a wall charger, again not offered by many companies. Excellent value for money.

The instruction booklet was clear and concise and it wasn't long before I took the first puff. The throat hit was amazing as was the amount of vapour and now the only down side is that the e-liquid purchased for the previous e-cigarettes is far too strong.

Having spent many hours searching for the right product at a reasonable price I found that most of these types of e-cigarettes are more expensive, with postage and in once case, tax added on. On this website what you see is what you get and no hidden extras.

I would highly recommend this product
Marie Caplin

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