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eGo (Riva) ecigarette - White

Two manual 750 mAh batteries, Two atomisers and a 20ml bottle of eliquid.
Rating: 5/5
Product Available Date: 2014-06-09
In Stock: 25


We present the eGo - A seriously good ecigarette for serious vapers !

(This model was previously branded as the Riva 510)

One of the annoyances that comes with vaping is battery life. The eGo solves this with a wider diameter 750mAh battery which our tests have shown lasts up to four times longer than a standard 510 battery before it needs recharging.
In addition to this we have even more powerful 1100mAH eGo batteries, available here as a optional accessory. These provide an 'All Day' battery to all but the heaviest vapers.

The batteries are manual, push button, batteries. This means you directly control the atomiser with the button rather than the atomiser starting automatically when you draw. This allows for a slight 'pre-heat' of the atomiser before you begin to draw which gives better vapour production. The batteries are also fully sealed which stops eliquid finding its way into the battery and causing damage.

The cone shaped atomiser cover serves a dual purpose. It shields the user from the heat generated by the atomiser and it maintains the Riva 510 sleek lines.

The LED (blue), which indicates when the eGo is in use lights up the button rather than the battery end.

Coming with an included 20ml bottle of eliquid and one spare 750mAh battery plus one spare atomiser this a excellent kit for both seasoned vapers and new starters.

This kit Contains

  • 2 x Manual batteries 650mAh - White with a Blue LED (Button)
  • 2 x Atomisers
  • 2 x Atomiser Cover (Cone) - White
  • 1 x USB Charger Unit
  • 1 x UK Wall Socket(AC) USB Adaptor (Euro and USA USB Adaptors available on request)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 5 x High Strength Tobacco Flavour Cartridges
  • 1 x 20ml bottle of Tobacco High eliquid (other flavours on request)

This is all you need to start enjoying pollution free tar free smoking.

Specifications : DSE510 Super Mini E-cigarette

  • Length : 116mm
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Weight for single cigarette : 35g
  • Normal working voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Charge time : First charge 8 hours, subsequent charges 3 hours
  • Life of battery : 300 charges


Sunday, 03 June 2012
3 weeks without a cigarette now and do not miss it. This looked like a good kit from reviews all over the internet and ecigsoutlet do free delivery so thought what do I have to lose?

Nothing is the answer and I can breathe clearly for the first time in years. This model is superb and spares and liquids can be bought and then delivered by the next day.

Try different liquids (and cartomisers instead of cartridges) until you find what suits you best. Cheaper and more fun experimenting than spending £30 per week on real cigarettes. Great product and great company.
Colin Mason
Thursday, 02 February 2012
This is an excellent deal. It is better priced than anywhere else I've seen (giving you 2 'cigarettes') and speaking with my vaping friends this is the best model to go for.

Filling and use is easy - even for a newbie like me, and the battery lasts for a whole day. Throat-hit and nicotine-hit are both good and have kept me off the real ciggies since it's arrival.

Overall this is a top-drawer product.
Iain Wilson
Thursday, 17 November 2011
As a total newbie to vaping I was somewhat sceptical at the cash outlay having 'wasted' money on other methods designed to help you kick the habit of smoking. My wife recently suffered a heart attack though so I figured we had to give something else a go.
I ordered the Riva 510 with an extra cone which effectively made two complete ecigs.
I have to say that I am massively impressed. Had this product been available years ago then I am certain we would have both kicked the habit years back.
We are both now almost a month in and it has just been so easy... a breeze infact! No small feat considering we were both on 30-40 a day for the past 30 years!
The supplied 20ml free liquid gets you up and running straight away but we have now got around to trying other flavours.
Service and communications are oustanding with order confirmation and status updates arriving in close succession. Even more amazing though is that the free post and packing delivery arrived within 48 hours of my placing the order.
The throat hit and taste you get will without doubt ensure you do not miss your regular smoke in any way at all.
I never thought I'd say this but we are both now non-smokers and dedicated vapers. It's not rocket science... we are quids in financially and perhaps more importantly on our way to a much healthier lifestyle.
ecigsoutlet and the Riva 510 have transformed our lives and I honestly couldn't be happier or recommend both highly enough!
John Ferns
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