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ecigarettes explained

What ?

  • An ecigarette is simply a device which provides emulated smoke (in the form of mist) and optionally Nicotine to the user.

Types of ecigarettes.

How ?

  • Either a sensor detects the user inhale or you press a button depending on the model of ecigarette
  • The battery sends power to the atomiser
  • e-liquid is wicked from the cartridge to the atomiser
  • The Atomiser vaporises the e-liquid
  • Propylene Glycol in the e-liquid provides the smoke like appearance to the vapour

Why ?

  • No real smoke. (Real smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, about 40 proven to be cancerous. Not good.)
  • e-liquid contains very few chemicals. Generally Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Water and Flavourings.
  • Looks, feels and tastes realistic
  • Legal to smoke in pubs, restaurants and other public places
  • No Second hand smoke
  • No Tar
  • No smell
  • No Ash and Butts
  • No fire risk
  • Satisfies both the psychological and physiological effects of smoking
  • Cheaper in the long term

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